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Growing Concrete

On rare occasions we are asked to extend the dimensions of concrete either because the initial setting out was incorrect or because the piece just didn't fit into the space properly. Growing concrete is a great remedial work to undertake because it resolves big issues fairly simply. The repairs also look impressive which is a bonus.

The key to any good repair is respecting the plane of the existing material, getting a seamless flush finish and good texture match. Any hint of disparity here will drag the eye into disbelieving discourse with the brain and the repair will fail…. no matter how good the colour match is.

Columns, walls, window reveals can all be cultivated in this way. In this case precast treads were given the ‘gardening treatment’ to get a neat inserted finish into a stone lime washed wall. There were 17 treads in all with plenty of other post finishing to add to the mix. All good fun…

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