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CPD's for architectural concrete works

GreyMatter Concrete CPD’s implement a structured learning experience supported by continual visual references to projects, techniques and materials that will best support and guide proposed projects from the outset. 


GreyMatter Concrete CPD service will:


  • Provide the Architect, Designer or specifier with the confidence and competence to support the initial appraisal, design brief and concept of using Architectural exposed in situ concrete.

  • Ensure clarity in terms of using concrete for Architectural aesthetic purposes specifically aiming at addressing levels of expectation when specifying fair-faced concrete.

  • Enable further exploration of the material based on practical knowledge and experience.

  • Supply relevant outline specification documentation and a continually updated list of suppliers in the construction industry for in-situ Architectural Concrete Works. 


For further information select the CPD download below.



Jonathan Reid of Grey Matter Concrete delivers seminars primarily aimed at University Architectural students and practicing Architects. 



For further information please select the seminar download below.


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