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Visual Concrete Finishes

Much like the Architectural Concrete Repair Category blogs (which will continue to be posted by the way), Visual Concrete Finishes will be a series aiming to share my own personal experience of placing and finishing exposed concrete with some additional notes on technical aspects, what to expect, ideas on design details and how to look after the concrete when you are living with it.

The first part of this series will focus on Polished Concrete Flooring primarily for the domestic market, as this is where my experience lies. The Polished Concrete Flooring blogs will form five parts as follows:

  • Introduction

  • Technical

  • Process involved

  • Design details

  • Post finishing and after care

Just to say that the opinion, ideas, technical details and potential materials used are only my take on this rather broad and extensive subject. If anyone has any alternative opinion or additional information to add to this series, please do contact me and I will post it.

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