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Need technical support? PHEW, because here's a FEW

When I first dabbled in concrete I found (in hindsight) that I was often sold a product, provided with technical help to use that product but not afforded the necessary inquisitive mind to delve further into what I really wanted to achieve. Over time I developed telephonic relations with some sturdy support, like-minded folk whose cornerstone has been to solve. Gems our industry and craft. Here’s a personal appreciation of some of these lovely people who by nature will go beyond the call of duty. This list is of course only brief. How great it would be one day if we could have a “Yellow Pages Of Architectural Concrete”. My copy would start with:

Has a whole warehouse dedicated to testing diamond polishing of all types of natural stone, concrete and terrazzo. They hand-build polishing machines akin to a Spitfire. Technical white coats and safety glasses are very apparent. Derek, his crew and the Aladdin’s cave of diamond is something to behold. He races his own hand built hovercrafts by the way… Jealous?

Peter lives and breathes technical mortars. If you give him a challenge he’ll give you a potential solution. He’s got to be the most proactive support network I’ve come across. He won’t flinch at suggesting alternative approaches and readily brings in his network of collaborators to help solve your problem.

I thought I was biting off more than I could chew when I requested a ‘bespoke accelerated weathering test’ of their material. According to Robin I hadn’t.

James always has time to discuss and propose angles of attack in resolving flooring maintenance and improved sympathetic methodologies.

John will phone at 8pm to see how you are getting on with the material they have supplied. If you need a sample, it will be there on a next day delivery.

Delivers good products with good advice. He knows his industry well and will guide you through it.

Richard Warren

Honesty with chemistry.

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