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This week... Polished concrete can be so sensitive

This week so far….

I came across this today giving me an abrupt and sharp reminder of just how sensitive polished concrete floors are when they are young. By ‘young’ I would suggest up to two weeks.

I intend to blog a whole section on polished concrete flooring because frankly the subject needs and deserves it. In the meantime here’s a couple of images of what I would term as differential curing. The first has happened on the day of finishing and the second image has occurred after the floor has been covered.

Power trowel blades if left immobile for any small amount of time at all on the surface will make these marks. I’ve seen it many times and done it once myself. Never again.

The curing line is from a non-breathable type covering or protection sheet that has given rise to a disparity in curing evenness. I’m still trying to get to the bottom of a ‘perfect’ curing system but not found one yet. Please share information if you have any!

If possible my advice is to air cure for 2 weeks before covering the surface at all. Wash it, dry it then cover it.

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