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Architectural Concrete Repair Category No.1. Construction Damage

The reality of site work is that no matter how fluid the communication is between all contractors and sub-contractors, some form of construction damage will probably happen. This type of damage is usually to arris edges especially where installation of doors is concerned. Another popular place is on exposed soffits from scaffolding and so on. Misplaced drill holes, or drilling through the back of a wall and taking a good old chunk out of the front is another favourite. If any construction damage is going to happen anywhere, the best place is on an arris edge. Arris edges have the advantage that they form a junction between two faces and there is a natural line of the edge for the eye to follow up and down and get distracted by. If a door frame is installed it's even better. This makes the repair much more forgiving. The general rule of thumb is that is a repair is close to any kind of junction (edge, soffit, floor, arris, tie hole etc. then half the battle is already won.

Bizzarrely going over the top to protect arris edges can sometimes cause bigger problems. This happens when edge protection is taped to the concrete to hold it in place. This tape will cause 'differential curing' marks on the surface, especially when the concrete is young and green. What can be a simple enough repair to a few arris edges can turn into something much bigger especially when a building comprises of 50 doorways for example! Don't tape things to concrete.... especially power floated floors!

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