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Architectural Concrete Repair Categories (Introduction)

Architectural Concrete Repair Categories will be an ongoing series of blogs aimed at focussing on types of repairs that in situ fair faced concrete works are likely to be subject to. There are a fixed number of repair categories that can be clearly identified as common denominators in most Architectural in situ concrete projects. Occasionally a rareity pops up which for us is more than interesting! However, in general the scope of works is rather limited and it is very likely that we have come across this issue in the past and it has been resolved.

Interestingly a major problem can be adjusting to the notion that something has gone 'wrong' or there is a 'defect' to be dealt with but no immediate answer as how to achieve this. In many cases remedial action is required but in almost equal amount the 'defect' can be repaired through discussion, allowing time to pass and gaining a better understanding of the nature of the material itself. Essentially it comes down to a voluntary adjustment of expectation.

Architectural Concrete Repair Categories will focus on each individual type of repair we have identified and give an apprasal of the difficulty in achieving such a repair, or if we think it should be repaired at all. Hopefully when something does go wrong or 'defects' are identified then this blog may be cross referenced so as to instil confidence that there is usually an answer to the issue at hand.

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